About Us

About Bob Johnson, Matt Baker and the Brickhouse crew. Why the show? I'll tell you why the show.


Bob Johnson graduated college with a degree in creative writing and a minor in sports gambling. Basketball has always been a passion since he was 10 years old, after Magic Johnson’s autobiography was his first introduction to porn. Having grown up in San Diego and Houston, he takes James Harden’s lack of defense and Doc Rivers’ free agent signings way too personally. He appreciates a good food truck.

Matt Baker knows everything about sports. Imagine a Sports Almanac, only really good-looking. Born and raised in Phoenix, he knows the heartbreak of being an NBA fan and almost every Charles Barkley quote. Game of Thrones is not one of his favorite shows. He likes his chicken wings spicy and his water with ice. His fictional nemesis is Robert Sarver’s evil twin, Karl. Matt is an amateur mini golfer.

Brickhouse Podcast was made so we could highlight and discuss what we enjoy and find funny about the NBA. Because we have no one to answer to, or corporate sponsors (yet), it allows us to give you such segments as “Who’s That Owner?” about the billionaires behind the scenes and their storied backgrounds, and “What the Fuck Does Anything Have to Do With LeBron James?” about how LeBron James can be forced into almost any conversation about hoops.

Brendan Eder is the man behind all the music and sound cues. You can hire him for your music event (he has a chamber pop sextet ensemble, which is pretty amazing: The Brendan Eder Ensemble). He will also score your film, commercial, documentary, TV show , radio play or podcast. Follow him on Twitter.

David Yurchuk of DAY Creative Group did the Brickhouse Logos and Web Design. Find all his other excellent design work at daycg.com and follow him on Twitter.

We all currently reside in Los Angeles.

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