June 24, 2016 | Blog

Matt’s Off-Season Wish List!

By: Matt Baker

Man! What a Finals! Seriously, it was great. I enjoyed every moment of it.

But…can we stop talking about it? Can we talk about what’s most important?

THE OFF-SEASON! Trades! Signings! Rumors! Sweet, sweet rumors!

I love it. If I’m blessed with children I will love the off-season more than them. I will name them Rumor Mill Baker and Overpaid Baker, etc.

Now that I have a basketball platform I’m going to throw my hat into the rumor circus. Here are some trades and signings I want to see this off-season. I’m very excited.

1. Suns trade Brandon Knight to the 76ers for either Noel, Saric, or Embiid

The Suns do not need Knight. Knight is a perfectly fine player, and his contract is good. The Suns can trade him for a late lottery pick/late teens pick…or they can try to YOLO Embiid! Philly needs PG help. It makes sense if you think about it.

2. 76ers and Kings agree to swap first and second round picks from 2017-2021

Can we just do this for five drafts and see the results?

3. Dwight Howard signs with Orlando and is immediately traded back to Houston.


4. Knicks sign Nic Batum

Spurned by Kevin Durant the Knicks sign Batum for $17 million per year. I like Batum. But I’m more in this for the “why?” factor. It seems very Knicks and seems like Carmelo would go into Boogie Cousins “Lord, give me the strength” mode.

5. Grizzlies sign and trade Mike Conley, trade Marc Gasol, trade Zach Randolph

If you’ve listened to the podcast you’ll know that I’ve been fully on board with the idea that Memphis needs to go full rebuild. I’m sticking with it. I actually thought they had a good draft, so the process has already begun. Or you can keep these players and lose on the first round again.

6. Kings sign Lance Stephenson


The Ranadive Five

Before Vivek Ranadive bought the Sacramento Kings and joined NBA basketball he had his own squad. He took an unlikely group of Silicon Valley daughters to national prominence with an unorthodox style of play. The team became the basis of a story by Malcolm Gladwell that was later featured in his book “Outliers”. Though we don’t know the name of the team we’ve affectionately dubbed them “The Ranadive Five.”

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