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If NBA Finals Players Were Disney Characters

If NBA Finals Stars Were Disney Characters

By Adam Baker

LeBron James is Mr. Incredible (The Incredibles)


  • Amazing powers, but he still needs a team around him

Steph Curry is Rafiki (The Lion King)


  • Don’t judge him based on his looks. People love it when he is holding that baby.

Klay Thompson is Aladdin (Aladdin)


  • Will never have the same magic as his partner in crime (Curry/The Genie), but still a star.

Draymond Green is Ralph (Wreck It Ralph)


  • Is he misunderstood or just destroying stuff?

Kyrie Irving is Carl Fredricksen (Up)


  • Makes a great old man

Kevin Love is Scully (Monsters Inc.)


  • Began his career as a star, but by the end he is relegated to second fiddle.

Matthew Dellavdova is the dad from Brave


  • I’ve never seen the movie, but it seems like a good fit

Iman Shumpert is Powerline (A Goofy Movie)



  • Awesome hair

Steve Kerr is Fix it Felix (Wreck it Ralph)


  • Boyish features. Is always left to clean up Ralph’s/Draymond’s mess

Tyronn Lue is Wall-E (Wall-E)


  • In a position to be a main character, but no one remembers if he even says a word

Brian Windhorst (ESPN) is Buddy (The Incredibles)


  • Goes way back with Mr. Incredible/LeBron, but will probably end up evil someday

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