Ep 151- Denver Nuggets 2018 NBA Preview #14

by Brickhouse Podcast

NBA hipsters recommend the Denver Nuggets this season. Jokic may as well be their Morrissey. Their international scouting and mile-high stadium give them advantages over opponents, though one gets way more undue recognition than the other. We review the slopes, hydro, and penthouses. Review and rate us on iTunes!

Ep 202- Slow NBA News Week w/ James Holas aka @snottiedrippen

NBA writer, podcaster and twitter legend James Holas (@SnottieDrippen) calls in to dish on Seinfeld, Space Jam 2 and Adam Silver’s friendship with Jared Kushner. We scrape the bottom of the barrel for NBA headlines and James gives an opinion on all of them. What does he fear more: Kyrie leaving the Celtics in free agency or an Uncle Drew sequel? Are the 76ers first round picks cursed? Now that the Morris brothers are signed with Klutch Sports will we see them on the same team again? Plus hear the story of a legendary twitter fight on Christmas Day. Find James at Real Ball Insider, BBallBreakdown and Dunk Tales.

Ep 201- NBA Comedy Writer Matt Hill

NBA comedy writer, animator and podcaster Matt Hill joins us to recruit fans to the Lakers Underground. Matt is the host of the Super Hoopers, creator of Spurs Special Forces and a writer on Game of Zones. He represents the minority of fans that think Rob Pelinka and LeBron James are bad for LA’s title chances. Hear our breakdown of Pelinka’s Wikipedia page to understand how a Michigan bench player became Kobe’s best friend. Then Matt scores every move Pelinka has made since becoming Lakers GM and predicts which nut-job veteran on a one-year contract will cut the brake lines on a young Lakers player’s car first. Hollywood, intrigue and chaos describes this year’s Lakers squad AND this week’s episode. Contact Matt @tweetofmatthill

Ep 200- Fitness Coach Lalo Zuniga

Fitness coach and NSCA All-American Lalo Zuniga joins us to talk about the Lakers, his Kobe Bryant shoe collection and which NBA players are the most out of shape. Will Kobe fans ever admit LeBron is better? How do professional athletes gain weight during the season? And could LA add Stephon Marbury to LeBron’s supporting cast of sideshow goofballs? An interview three years and negative forty pounds (off Bob) in the making. Plus Diss of the Week submissions from Dwight Howard, Kevin Durant and Las Vegas sportsbooks. Contact Lalo on Instagram: @l.a.l.o.z

Ep 199- The Kawhi Leonard Trade w/ Joe Borelli

Superflight and Dunk Tales podcast host Joe Borelli joins us to talk summer league, the 76ers and the Kawhi Leonard trade. Takeaways from summer league: it’s got more nerds than a Star Trek convention and Henry Ellenson’s mom is the tallest woman on earth. Hear what team Joe would foist Bryan Colangelo on and how Sam Hinkie feels about ever coming back to Philadelphia. Plus, Kawhi’s shipped to the NBA’s version of Siberia and DeMar Derozan gets a chance to fulfill his full potential in Texas. Diss of the week submissions from DeMarcus Cousins and Shaquille O’Neal. Find us on instagram @brickhousepod

Ep 198- 2018 NBA Final Exam

Think you know the NBA? Test your knowledge with our 2018 year-in-review final exam. 50 questions covering the most important NBA gossip and hearsay. Categories include: Offseason Moves, Pop Culture Comparisons and The Year in Social Media. Seth Curry, Jeanie Buss, Bryan Colangelo and the 1998 hit “Armageddon” all make appearances. Tease your brain with our category: Which Doesn’t Belong? We name four players, owners, social media handles, WNBA teams or mascots and you guess which is out of place. The game culminates with “NBA Player in One Word.” Do you know NBA players well enough to guess who we’re talking about with only a single word clue? You’re about to find out. Contact us to win a chance for a free prize. Details inside podcast.

Ep 197- Live from NBA Summer League with Brendan Wells

Reporting from the 150 degree heat of Las Vegas we bring you NBA summer league hot takes with special guest Brendan Wells. After 20 minutes of action we project the next 20 years of Deandre Ayton’s career. Hear the latest free agency signings and what they mean for the wives and girlfriends of the Charlotte Hornets’s players. We give theories why the Wizards would sign Dwight Howard and none of them have to do with needing more rebounds or flatulence in the locker room. Then we breakdown the free agents still available who the Lakers should consider signing before offering a dollar to Carmelo Anthony. Diss of the Week entires from Josh Jackson and Bill Simmons. Oh, and we’re now on Instagram. Check it out @brickhousepod

Ep 196- Price is Right: Free Agent Edition

Test your knowledge of the NBA marketplace with our Price is Right Free Agent game! We break down the contracts given so far and predict those still to come. Hear the latest LeBron James free agency updates and how he’s dropping Space Jam trailers like Beyonce drops albums. Get highly-valuable advice for how to survive a summer vacation in Las Vegas. Plus introducing our newest segment: What Would Magic Johnson Do? Whether you want to bake a cake, run an airline, cast a television show or win at Monopoly just ask yourself: What Would Magic Johnson Do? We did. You can thank us later. #WWMJD

Ep 195- The Picks are In!

Draft night happened and we weigh in on our favorite players to watch going forward and our favorite players’s moms to watch going forward too. Find out Trae Young’s biggest phobia and why Mikail Bridges to Phoenix makes perfect sense. Hear how Grayson Allen already has a connection with the Jazz coach and star player. Will Lakers fans cheer for Moe Wagner at summer league the same way they cheered for Lonzo Ball and Kyle Kuzma? Where does Dwight Howard play next? And just how much cocaine does Nick Young do? All that plus a new a completely new approach to Kawhi Leonard by the San Antonio Zoo.

Ep 194- NBA Draft Rough Draft

The second NBA season starts on draft night. Find out the best case and worse case scenarios for the first fifteen picks. Will the Cavs use the eighth pick to somehow keep LeBron James? Could the Grizzlies use their pick to jettison Chandler Parsons? What if, somehow, the Sacramento Kings reckless decision-making leads to the end of the world?! Anything can happen on draft night so it’s best to prepare yourself for everything. You won’t want to miss Matt’s plan for the Cavs to protect Wendall Carter from outside influence by turning him into a bubble boy. Plus hear how Draymond Green used the championship to win our Diss of the Week and how the San Antonio Zoo struck back at Kawhi Leonard. Play our NBA draft game! Rules at http://www.brickhousepodcast.com/the-nba-draft-game/

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