Our Mavericks preview covers everything from Harrison Barnes’s sobriety to Nerlens Noel’s cleanliness. Hear our takes on steak, Shark Tank and “The Larry Flynt of the NFL”. Not every team can win in the west this year, but try telling that to Dirk and coach Carlisle. Plus, Dennis Smith embarks on his journey to dunk on everyone in the NBA.

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Ep 217- Happy NBA Hanukkah!

To celebrate the holiday we discuss our eight biggest stories of the week. Like how Fred Hoiberg may have lost the team, and when. And how New Balance lost all their potential NBA endorsers until finally landing Kawhi. We weigh the possibility of John Wall trade rumors to the Lakers and Knicks and discuss the people pulling the strings behind them. The Rockets may look terrible but that isn’t stopping Chris Paul from talking trash to everyone. Plus, Joakim Noah to Memphis, Nikola Jokic for MVP of my heart, and Steph Curry’s revelation to try to market his shoes to girls. Diss of the Week submissions from a Wizards season ticket holder and Kobe Bryant.

Ep 216- The NBA’s Most Disappointing Team Awards

The season’s already a quarter finished and a few would-be playoff contenders look pretty finished too. The western conference features 14 competitive teams as well as Matt Baker’s Phoenix Suns. What’s worse? Bad analytics or bad chemistry? Have the Warriors driven the Rockets crazy? How are the Sacramento Kings this good? We also weigh in on this season’s worst teammates and the players most deserving of a raise. Diss of the week submissions from and Jimmy Butler, Mike Malone and Bobby Portis… kind of.

Ep 215- Draymond Green Said What?

We always knew the only team that could stop the Warriors was the Warriors. And if any one player would be the one to tear it all down, it was always going to be Draymond Green. As the rumors swirl about what was said on the bench and in the locker room we’re here to fan the flames. The crazy thing about speculating on Draymond Green quotes is that you can picture him saying almost anything. Nothing is too offensive. Golden State is not the only place for drama though. We discuss the exploding tension in Washington DC and examine the latest chapter in the ballad of Markelle Fultz.

Ep 214- Always Sunny Jimmy Butler to Philadelphia

Tom Thibodeau finally found a trade for his disgruntled star, Jimmy Butler. If Butler thought Wiggins and Towns were too fragile just wait until he gets a load of Fultz! We examine how the shockwaves of the trade ripple throughout the league. Everyone from fans of the Chicago Bulls, to Jimmer Fredette, to ‘The Goonies’ movie felt it. Plus, the Rockets may not just be losing out on just Jimmy this week, but Carmelo too. Warriors execs hilariously lure fans with offer of $100 tickets to games with zero view. And it might be time to panic about Dwight Howard and the Washington Wizards.

Ep 213- Good & Bad NBA Marriages

Three weeks into the NBA season we’ve identified the coaches, players and teams that have found the perfect match. There’s still more teams throwing dishes and sleeping on the couch. Mike Budenholzer found a newer, younger European partner, while Jimmy Butler and the Timberwolves look like Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren. The Cavs need counseling for their coaches and their veteran shooting guard. The Wizards only consistency is their dysfunction and Kawhi on the Raptors seems about as real as Kim Kardashian’s TV wedding special. Plus, a Diss of the Week featuring Fergie’s ex-husband versus the Golden State Warriors. 

Ep 212- #Spitgate Winners and Losers

Well it didn’t take long for one of the Lakers’ “meme team” to get into trouble, did it? Those punches were some of the only defense we’ve seen played this season! LeBron moved to LA for the entertainment business and his team is already delivering it on the court despite their slow start. We break down the biggest losers from Saturday’s fracas while also highlighting who benefits the most. That we already have an NBA conspiracy one week into the season is why this show exists and why we’re fans. Plus a the Marc Stein/Shams Charnia Battle Royale in our ‘Diss of the Week.’

Ep 211- Overreactions and New Podcast Pitches

In the spirit of experimentation and shameless pandering, we attempt to attract new listeners by incorporating relationship advice and dog metaphors into the show. After three nights of games we’re ready to fire up our hottest overreactions to what we saw. Could the Suns be the next NBA dynasty? Is Boban Wilt Chamberlain with free throw making ability? In our latest segment “Shoe News!” we discuss Montrezl Harrell’s plan to release the coolest sneakers of all time as well as  the steep price discount on Lonzo’s new Big Baller Brand sneakers. Plus, we do a dramatic reenactment of every Jimmy Butler interview in the past week.

Ep 210- The NBA Title Contender Team Previews

Previews for the top five teams in the NBA fighting to be this year’s runner-up to the Warriors. This episode we ask executive-level questions like: If Danny Ainge had traded four draft picks for Justise Winslow would we still think he’s a good GM? Would Sam Hinkie ever consider a return to the Rockets front office? And what’s Bryan Colangelo up to these days? The Thunder will use this season to find the best fit for Paul George and the Raptors will try to convince Kawhi Toronto’s just like LA, but better. We reveal the “Secret MVP” for each team and talk the failed Jimmy Butler trade and the Suns firing Ryan McDonough in our Diss of the Week.

Ep 209- The Fun Watch Team Previews

The Lakers and the Wizards will both be fun to watch this year but for entirely different reasons. Find out who should hire Nikola Jokic as their celebrity endorser and what the rules to a Dwight Howard gameshow would be. Will Tom Thibodeau’s head explode on the sideline this year? Which GM will be the first one fired for not drafting Luka Doncic? We discuss potential plots of Space Jam 2 and predict which Lakers teammates will have the most volatile relationship. Plus the most attractive people to ever rock a unibrow and an extremely stupid quote from Paul Pierce.

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