Comedy writer and NBA fan Justin Halpern talks Lonzo Ball, the future of the Clippers, and the history of his NBA podcast, Short Corner, with Paul Shirley. He’s the New York Times Best-Selling author of Sh*t My Dad Says and I Suck at Girls. Enjoy his funny perspective on all things NBA, like which Warriors he dislikes the most and why he hopes Carmelo Anthony never joins the Clippers. Follow him @justin_halpern for half basketball observations and half jokes about jerking off.

Ep 134- Chicago Bulls 2018 NBA Preview #30

The third season of Brickhouse promises to be provocative. Matt and Bob provoke Bulls fans by predicting their team finishes dead last in the NBA. Every team preview this year starts with a ‘Roast’ of the host city and squad (we’re coming for you Robin Lopez). Find out who on the Bulls would be the first voted off the island in our new segment: ‘NBA Survivor’. Then, a glimpse into Chicago (and our hearts) in ‘Five Stars’ a new segment where we rate things the Windy City is famous for between one and five stars.

New music by Brendan Eder!

Ep 133- 24 NBA Questions No One Needed to Ask

Ashwin Ghee from Ridin’ the Pine joins us for a game of hypothetical questions. Matt pitches his new reality show: “Who Wants to Be an Eastern Conference All-Star?” Ashwin recruits Boris Diaw and Raymond Felton for the perfect PB&J sandwich heist. The guys answer tough questions like, ‘Which ref would you want to hang out with?’ and ‘Which player should be most afraid of doing a “trust fall”?’ It’s summer and we can only debate about where Kyrie’s going and whether Lavar should stay in his lane for so long. Ignore the faint sounds of mariachi music. Our microphones somehow picked up a nearby radio signal. The Cold War of sports podcasts vs Mexican radio wages on…

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Ep 132- The Curse with Author Mick Minas

Clippers historian Mick Minas joins us from Melbourne, Australia and regales us with stories from his new book The Curse. Three years before he joined the team Michael Olowokandi couldn’t make a layup. Marques Johnson was made the face of the franchise just months before the Clippers tried to trade him BACK to Milwaukee. Could the Clippers really be cursed? Who’s a worse Donald: Trump or Sterling? Does anyone besides Doc like Austin Rivers? Mick tells us how he fell in love with possibly the worst sports franchise of all time.

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Ep 131- NBA Free Agency Explained

We catch up listeners on all the NBA summer moves and theorize if there’s any method to the madness. Will LeBron and Nike sabotage the Big Baller Brand? Did the Raptors trade DeMarre Carroll to the Nets to stick it to the Celtics? And why’d Adam Silver move the trade deadline to before the All-Star game? We give answers. Maybe not the right answers, but answers nonetheless. Play NBA Price is Right with us, featuring new contracts for James Harden and Tim Hardaway Jr. Last, we unveil our first ever installment of “WHAT TEAM is that guy on?”  

Ep 130- Inside Lonzo’s Nuthouse

Brendan Wells joins us to talk summer league, Lavar Ball conspiracies and Lou Williams’ linguistic prowess. Matt test-drives a career in ticket scalping while Bob attempts to eavesdrop on Rob Pelinka. We discuss LA’s biggest disappointments BESIDES Lonzo Ball’s first game. Brendan attempts to teach Kyrie Irving physics using only a Big Mac and guile. Experience the NBA nerd’s version of Comic-Con inside summer league, a.k.a., Lonzo’s Nuthouse.

Ep 129- Chris Paul Goes Full Erlich Bachman

Casey Desmond drops in to help us compare Chris Paul’s leaving the Clippers to TJ Miller walking away from HBO’s Silicon Valley. We rank the funniest characters on Silicon Valley and name their Clippers counterpart (Austin Rivers=Dinesh, but when he was CEO for a week, and douchey). We ask the question: Are we sure Phil Jackson didn’t get fired on purpose?  Find out who’s most likely to become President, impregnate a stripper, or win on the show “Survivor” in our NBA Yearbook Superlatives segment. If you want to donate to the “Summer of Casey” tweet him @cdesmond85

Ep 127- SPECULATORS! A Trade Rumor Tribute to Warren G

Speculations on trades and draft picks get even more attention than the highest rated finals since Jordan. In this day and age there’s no end. No clear line between truth and clickbait. The message? You want to get ahead in this game you got to aim for the craziest of headlines. The Can’t Miss! It doesn’t matter how you get there. What about us? An NBA internet radio show? You’re damn right we’re… SPECULATORS!

Ep 126- Super Hoopers Crossover Show!

Brickhouse joins forces with the Super Hoopers to form a NBA Comedy Death Lineup. We tackle hot button issues like Ice Cube’s Big 3 League’s “VIP Experiences,” agents relationships with draft prospects, and how it may be time for the Warriors to panic. The Hoopers teach us their very fun NBA Twitter game “Get@me Dawg.” We discuss the NBA headlines of the week, and share our shout-outs and beefs. Subscribe to the Super Hoopers on iTunes unless, of course, you hate fun. Find them on twitter @TheSuperHoopers, @TweetofMattHill, and @JHillNahMean

Ep 125- Westbrook the Llama Farmer, and More Roles on a NBA Commune

Kyrie Irving inspired us to build a NBA “intentional community” and give everyone their role. Visit BrickhouseLand! Dirk is the sage and Kelly Olynyk the scarecrow. AND we reveal HUGE news about the Wilt Chamberlain’s secret professional career before college. We give team by team corporate sponsor suggestions for next season’s advertisement patches. Plus, Pop vs Zaza and Skip Bayless combusts with joy the day after LeBron scores twelve. Follow us on Twitter @brickhousepod

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