Brickhouse NBA Previews #28: NY Knicks

by Brickhouse Podcast | NBA Previews 2016

James Dolan is Donald Trump and Phil Jackson is a defunct electronics store. Tune in to see how many metaphors can be mixed to describe the calamity in Basketball Mecca.

Ep 125- Westbrook the Llama Farmer, and More Roles on a NBA Commune

Kyrie Irving inspired us to build a NBA “intentional community” and give everyone their role. Visit BrickhouseLand! Dirk is the sage and Kelly Olynyk the scarecrow. AND we reveal HUGE news about the Wilt Chamberlain’s secret professional career before college. We give team by team corporate sponsor suggestions for next season’s advertisement patches. Plus, Pop vs Zaza and Skip Bayless combusts with joy the day after LeBron scores twelve. Follow us on Twitter @brickhousepod

Ep 124- Coach Jason Burton and NBA Spinoff Shows

Jason Burton, Texas A&M Commerce Women’s Basketball head coach, talks recruiting, the Final Four, the best NBA coaches and LeBron James. Burton plays TV exec for NBA spinoff show pitches by Matt and Bob. Plus, Phil Jackson, Lavar Ball and a deep dive into Salt Lake City nightlife.

Ep 123- How to Rig the NBA Draft

Any NBA conspiracy nut worth his mettle can tell you how the draft is rigged and why “THEY” choose to gift the #1 pick to THAT particular franchise each year. In “The Tankoffs” we break down possible theories why the NBA would rig the draft for EVERY lottery team. Plus, EXCLUSIVE! and disturbing recordings from inside the offices of Pat Riley, Stan Kroenke and Rob Hennigan. Test your knowledge of teams and players in this year’s playoffs in our segment: Pop Quiz, Hot Shot! We Brickhouse because we care.

Ep 122- Clippers Losing NBA Hunger Games

Unconventional analysis of the first round of the playoffs on Brickhouse this week: James Harden is Dave Grohl and the Rockets are his Foo Fighters, LeBron James pulled an “O’Doyle Rules” on the Pacers, and how the Spurs-Grizzles series is like your local election. Plus, Steve Ballmer reveals his secret retirement project and a PLAYOFF-level Diss of the Week.

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Ep 121- Million-to-One NBA Playoff Bets

We break down the unlikely but not impossible predictions for the first round of the NBA playoffs. Will Jusuf Nurkic’s father fight the entire Warriors team? Could Jason Kidd actually get a free timeout by spilling nachos on the court? Tune in to find out. Also, Brickhouse now available on Dash Radio!

Ep 120- The Grindfather and the F-You MVP Race

We reveal a list of free gift ideas for player tribute nights inspired by the Memphis Grizzlies give-aways of “Grindfather” Tony Allen pepper grinders! What former teammates do Westbrook and Harden put in their MVP-Race Musecages? Plus a couple instances of the unwritten rules of the NBA being broken this week: If you’re up 20 do you have to let the clock run out? The culprits of course are Lance Stephenson and Javale McGee.

Ep 119- Lavar Ball and the Crazy Sports Dad Power Rankings

Lavar Ball looks poised to provide content to basketball writers for the foreseeable future but where does he rank among famous sports parents? We break down our favorite people who everyone thought was crazy but were later vindicated. Also our favorite people who were just plain crazy. Which category Lavar Ball falls into will depend on the marketability of his Big-Baller-branded-boys. Real quotes from Kurt Cobain, Aristotle and Ann Iverson!

Ep 118- State of the NBA Address Part 2

Our two minute analysis of every NBA team concludes with the top fifteen teams. Plus more on Dan Fegan’s firing, how DeAndre Jordan always wanted to be the black Dirk, and Popovich on teams campaigning for their MVP candidate (spoiler: he thinks it’s dumb). It’s March, time to let basketball consume you.

Ep 117- State of the NBA Address Part 1

At the beginning of the year we do our team previews. Today we reconcile our predictions and tell you what we got kind of right, or really, really wrong. With two minutes on the clock for each NBA team we summarize the highs and the lows they’ve experienced during this wild 2016-2017 season.

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