Brick It!

Ep 198- 2018 NBA Final Exam

Think you know the NBA? Test your knowledge with our 2018 year-in-review final exam. 50 questions covering the most important NBA gossip and hearsay. Categories include: Offseason Moves, Pop Culture Comparisons and The Year in Social Media. Seth Curry, Jeanie Buss, Bryan Colangelo and the 1998 hit “Armageddon” all make appearances. Tease your brain with our category: Which Doesn’t Belong? We name four players, owners, social media handles, WNBA teams or mascots and you guess which is out of place. The game culminates with “NBA Player in One Word.” Do you know NBA players well enough to guess who we’re talking about with only a single word clue? You’re about to find out. Contact us to win a chance for a free prize. Details inside podcast.

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